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Half Lashes

Half Lashes

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Your new favourite lashes!

Never tried half lashes before? Here is a few reasons why we love them...

-Faux Mink

-Clear Lash Band

-Easier To Apply 

-Comfier On The Eyes

-No Inner Corner Lift

-More Subtle Effect

-Creates a Cat Eye "Lift" To The Eyes

Who are these perfect for? Anyone who wants to...

Add volume and length in a subtle way, struggles with applying lashes with smaller eyes, wants to create a more lifted cat eye effect, or loves lashes but thinks most pairs are "to much" for them.

Half lashes are amazing for those who want to wear lashes but don't know where to start. These half lashes are just that, half of your regular size and are applied just to the outer corner of the eye to add a lifted outer corner effect. This makes them much easier to wear and perfect for those who just want that subtle drama on the eye.



Apply lash glue to the band of your lashes and let sit for 30 seconds to a minute. Once the glue is tacky, pick up your lashes with your fingers or tweezers. Apply as close to the lash band as possible and try to place the edge of your lashes to the edge of your natural lashes (Applying your lashes lower will not allow for this "lifted" eye effect) once placed, squeeze your natural lashes with the lash band to set them in place and blend them together. OPTIONAL STEP: use a lash crueler and lightly squeeze your lashes together for ultimate lash application.


Apply a thin liner to your lash band to help blend the lashes even more.

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