About us

First, I'd like to say thank you for trusting and believing in Creator Beauty. This brand was once just a dream, that we can now say turned into a reality because of each and every one of you. 

I am a self taught creative makeup artist from a small town in the middle of Canada where creative makeup isn't very well known. I made it my mission to always be bold, create true to myself and never try to fit the mold. As my audience grew I realized just how many other artists out there struggled with the same things that I did. I wanted to create a brand that helped creatives just like yourself not only think more creatively, but also have the products to do so. I want my brand to be available and affordable so everyone with a passion and dream for beauty can experience these products without hesitation. I can truly say I am so proud of this brand and I can't wait to build and grow the Creator Beauty community!

My passion truly lies in helping others realize their truest creative potential. We are devoted to not only serve you with amazing quality products but educate you on how to use them in new, fun and creative ways. We will continue to be share our journey and behind the scenes with you.

Creator Beauty is for people of different backgrounds and walks of life who all have one thing in common, their passion to create. We here at Creator Beauty are set out on a mission to give you to most fun and exciting cosmetic journey all while creating exciting, new, high quality and affordable products. We promise to bring you along on our journey as we grow and evolve as a company and community. 

Much love,

Mady Kennedy - CEO